Here Is a Complete Guide to Men's Suspenders

Suspenders date way back in 18th century. During those days, suspenders were strictly undergarments. They were specifically used to hold up high-waist trousers where belts could not be used.

Today, men's fashion has changed drastically. Suspenders now come with class and style. Any stylish and classy man possesses a pair of suspenders in his wardrobe. If you are a man who loves fashion, why not take a break from belts and try suspenders? Here is what you need to know before you start wearing suspenders:

What exactly are suspenders?

Suspenders are strips of fabrics that goes over the shoulders while attached to your trouser to hold it up. They are attached to your pants by the use of buttons or clips, and forms 'Y', 'X' or 'H' shape at the front to offer additional support. Find out for further details right here

Does suspender thickness matter?

In fashion, everything matters. There are many varieties of suspenders available, and they all come in different sizes and looks. However, a cool pair of suspenders should have a width ranging from 0.5'' - 1''. You don't want to look like you are wearing fire-fighting garments, or do you?

Buttons or clips suspenders?

You shouldn't worry much about whether to go for buttons or clips. However, buttons win as they look more refined and much cleaner. Another thing is that continuous use of clips may damage your trouser's waistband. Learn more about  met een elastische band , go here.

How should you wear suspenders?

Here is where you consider your preference. You can fasten the front and the back of the suspenders before putting the trouser on. Alternatively, you can attach the back of the suspenders, wear the trouser, and then clip or button the strips at the front.

How about Suits and suspenders?

A suit and a pair of suspenders rock. However, go for button suspenders instead of clip suspenders. Suspenders also look great when matched with a regular tie and a bow tie.

General rules about suspenders

It is pretty obvious that belts and suspenders should never be used at the same time. You can wear suspenders when attending any event. But make sure your suspenders match with your outfit. For example, a leather suspender is supposed to match with your shoes.

If you are a man who loves style and being classy, suspenders are here for you. There are so many suspenders available that you can choose from. But before you start wearing them, make sure you know the right suspenders and how they are supposed to be worn. Take a look at this link for more information.